The Device (Pilot)

The Device

The Device still image

THE DEVICE, a pilot episode from the thriller series of the same name.

“A team of scientists manipulate a frequency in the universe to change reality…”

Since the 1940’s, scientists at the Ministry Of Beyond Science (MOBS) have experimented with a hidden frequency in the universe that causes reality to be altered. In 2016 a whistle-blower scientist named Dean Underwood, made international news when he told the truth about the experiments and the impact they could have on the world if not stopped. Hours after appearing on a TV chat show, he was admitted to hospital with a fatal dose of radiation poisoning. Dean’s widow hires private investigator, JACK, to investigate his death. Jack however, has no idea how much of a role he will play in uncovering the truth behind the experiments or his past involvement with them. Things get even more confusing for Jack when he discovers Dean alive and well. A rogue team known as ‘The Nursery’ seek to rescue Jack and inform him of the danger he is in. Jack must join the Nursery and overthrow the shadowy criminal syndicate known as the Ministry Of Beyond Science.


Maurisa Selene Coleman Jade (1 episode)
Paige Cowan-Hall Police Woman (1 episode)
Roger Irvin Dunn Cabe (1 episode)
Kennie Hornak Mrs. Underwood (1 episode)
Brian King Dean Underwood (1 episode)
Kevin Mangar Magnus Valda (1 episode)
Davide Tucci Jack Gallant (1 episode)
Sajid Varda Doctor Hartnell (1 episode)


Directed By James Jib Brown & Chester Yang
Written By James Jib Brown
Produced By James Jib Brown
Music By Jamie Robertson
Cinematography By Mathew Delorenzi-Waters
Editing By James Jib Brown
Makeup By Olivia Leppard
Production Management By James Jib Brown & Chester Yang
Sound Recording by Jamie Robertson
Stunts Performed By Daniel Cognolato & Christos Mourouzidis
Cameras Operated By Glen Bryan & Mathew Delorenzi-Waters
Still Photography By Nathan David Ward
Location Management By James Jib Brown
Music Composed By Jamie Robertson
Special Thanks To Gemma Simmonds


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