Music of the Soul (In Development) post


Poster image for the film: Music of the soul by Chester Yang.
Poster: Music of the soul

Music of the Soul is a Romeo and Juliet war drama set in the heart of a war in the Middle East. Ariel and Casper are teenage enemies with the same vice; a secret passion to play the violin in a state where music is illegal. A secret they keep away from their respective communities. As they struggle to believe that all dreams are for fools and should be buried, and passion is unheard of as traditions comes before everything, their tutor, Cyrus, a retired injured musician seemingly destroys everything he can get his hands on with gold lines. Cyrus uses his pain and experiences from the war to inspire them to fight for their future. Together they embark on an adventure to defy all the norms to play their hearts out to an audience to escape their harsh reality. Can they survive to play the music of their souls and love each other?