Kettling of the Voices post


Kettling of the Voices reveals the hidden war on democracy in the UK. Following key characters who are targeted by the authorities, the film explores the increase in police tactics used to crush dissent in the city of London and Glasgow.

Poster for the documentary Kettling of the Voices

British students Brian and Ethan protest against a dramatic increase in tuition fees. And as demonstrators clash with police, and media loyally follows the authorities’ efforts to outlaw political protests, the future of one of Europe’s most stable democracies hangs in the balance. This spirited documentary mixes striking recordings from the frontlines with interviews with engaged and eloquent activists that see the long lines in British politics over the course of the last decades.

Kettling of the Voices reveals the brutal tactics police in the UK have used to confine law-abiding civilians who are exercising their legal right to protest. Trapped for hours in horrific conditions without food, water or hygienic facilities, demonstrators have seen their rights being taken away from them and the basic principals of democracy collapsing.