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In Production:

Martxelo Otamendi, The Defiant Journalist

In 2003, Martxelo Otamendi, Director of Egunkaria, the sole Basque language newspaper in Northern Spain, is arrested alongside nine others, and the newspaper is banned by the Spanish state, a resilient team emerges overnight, founding ‘Berria’ to continue informing the Basque people in their own language and culture. Unraveling the mysteries of the ancient Basque origins, this untold saga reveals a language isolated from the world, suppressed by Franco’s dictatorship and later challenged by the militarised ETA separatist group. Through the tumultuous era of terrorism and danger, Martxelo and his colleagues strive to hold both the powerful and terrorists accountable, championing freedom, justice, democracy and equality for the Basque people. As Martxelo steps down in 2023, passing the torch to one of his most vibrant journalists, Amagoia Mujika. Berria faces the rise of the far right and technology and social media changing the world, while continuing to represent minority language speakers across the globe.

Earth Lion Sudden Thunder

Pilot episode

EARTH LION SUDDEN THUNDER brings Martial Arts Cinema to the heart of London’s urban scene. Akira, once trained by the ancient Lion Guardians were murdered by the vicious rebel Slayer. Akira lives a quiet life in London with his girlfriend as he struggle with trauma and to remember who he is. His life takes a thrilling turn when a teenage thief, Dylan, steals his phone during a heated argument with his girlfriend, Tiara about not opening up.

Films in development: